In the  second volume of his memoirs Roger tells the story of a pioneering British veterinary aid project, established in conjunction with a local farmers’ co-operative, to bring self-financing veterinary services to thousands of dairy, farmers and llama and alpaca keepers in the high Andes in southern Perú.

This heart-warming story tells how a team of young Peruvians under Roger’s leadership built and delivered a new veterinary service to farmers in an area the size of England against challenging odds. A resurgence of the Shining Path terrorist group threatened the safety of the team and the farmers; terrible inflation of the local currency wreaked havoc with an already tight budget – not to mention constant battles with British and Peruvian bureaucracy.

But the book is not just about animal diseases, the challenges of running an aid project, nor how Roger’s wife, Maxine flourished as a concert pianist and music teacher. It is about the country that he came to love: the art, the Andean music, the coast with its huge populations of birds and sea mammals, the glorious scenery, the many ancient civilizations and above all the delightful people fighting to survive through a period of massive economic turmoil and  terrorism, yet still managing to smile.

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Some readers have told me that they preferred the first volume because it deals with Africa and African animals. I suggest to them that there is nowhere on the African continent a seacoast that compare with that of the Peruvian Pacific for birds and mammals


The first volume of my memoirs, taking you from the ghastly Foot and Mouth epidemic in the UK in 1967, through adventures in Kenya, Nigeria, and Botswana.

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Eight reviews on, averaging 5 stars so far! And 19 more on amazon’s UK site, averaging 4.5!

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