It has been a long time coming, but at last it is here.  My original intention was to read the book myself and so I bought myself an expensive, high-quality microphone and set about recording. It was a disaster. I have suffered from macular degeneration for some time but until I started reading the book, I did not realize how bad it actually was; I could not read a paragraph without making a mistake. What to do? When I need advice about matters to do with publicity, I contact son Guy.  “You will have to get a professional reader to do it”, and he sent me a list of names. The list came with samples of their reading which I listened to very carefully. The man whose voice impressed me most was Gethyn Edwards, and Guy put me in touch with him and we hit it off immediately and I invited Gethyn to do the reading.

Gethyn Edwards

The first thing had to do was to get to grips with the names; as the book covers parts of my life spent in Britain, Kenya, Botswana and Argentina, there were many strange sounding names!  Gethyn worked his way through the book and he sent me a list of words where he needed help.  Several Skype sessions ensued and then Gethyn got down to the job.  I was very pleased with his efforts, and I think that you will enjoy his reading. Here is Gethyn reading the Foreword by Dr Quett Masire, the late president of Botswana:

You can find the whole book here: